How Many vacancy is There? After Completing D.El.Ed.Course

After completing D.EI.Ed course, professionals may work in roles 

such as that of the teacher, assistant teacher, tutor, student 

counselor etc. They may find work in various institutes like:

  • Private schools
  • Government schools  
  • Nursery
  • Daycare centers
  • Private tuition classes

These graduates can also start their own daycare centers or nursery. Apart from this, tuition centers and private coaching centers are other forms of self-employment available for them. Some of the other related roles for such graduates include:

  • Education counselor
  • Junior teacher
  • Article writer
  • Record keeper
  • Education developer
  • Librarian 
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary in INR
Primary teacher Primary teachers educate children who are 5 to 12 years of age. Under a prescribed curriculum, they develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills and foster social, physical and emotional growth. Subject areas within their curriculum include Mathematics, English, Science, Technology, Humanities and Social Science, Arts, Health and Physical Education.  2,37,000
Content reviewer Content Reviewers review materials submitted by technical writers for clarity, grammar, punctuation, and content. They may also write materials, design graphics and layout, maintain websites, create training manuals, and develop web content. They often work closely with researchers and developers to ensure the accuracy of the documentation they publish.  7,20,000
Content writer Web content writers compose content specifically for online consumption. Digital media field is growing as new technologies drive users to the Web, these types of content writers can face stiff competition for available positions. Some are usually freelancers and may work for several clients. Most of them hold bachelor’s degrees in journalism, English or communication.  2,43,000
Career counselor Career counselors may seek out potential clients by giving presentations on their services. They also examine client records and conduct interviews and administer aptitude and achievement tests to gather information that assists them in helping clients choose careers. They also collect information about schools, programs, and tuition, cost of books and schedules for clients interested in pursuing schooling 2,41,000

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